Friday, 16 September 2011

wazifa to protect one's life, offspring, family and wealth

One Sahaba (R.A) asked Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), O Prophet of Allah, I am always worried about my life, offspring's. family's and my wealth's safety. Prophet(PBUH) told him to recite the following in the morning and evening:

بسم الله علي ديني و نفسي و ولدي و اهلي و مالي

Transliteration: “Bismillahi ‘ala deeni wa nafsi wa waladi wa ahli wa maali”
He came after few days and Prophet(PBUH) asked him about his condition now. He replied, I swear of Allah, i have no fear anymore.

Mujrib wazifa to increase Sustenance(Rizq)


Maulana Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri (rehmatullah ta-alah) has reported that Haji Imdad-ullah(rehmatullah ta-alah) has said that whosoever recites the following ayat 70 times in the morning regularly, inshahAllah his sustenance will increase.
Allah is Subtle with His servants; He gives provisions to whom He wills. And He is the Powerful, the Exalted in Might.   (quran 42, 19)

wazifa to Remove Foot pain

Hazrat Usman(R.A) narrates that once Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) sent a Jamaat to yemen and he made 1 of the Sahaba the Ameer of that Jamaat, who was youngest among those. They stayed at the same place for few days and didn't leave. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) came across one man from that Jamaat. Prophet(PBUH) enquired him: O you, what happened to you? why have you not gone yet? He then replied, O Prophet of Allah, our Ameer has pain in his feet. Prophet(PBUH) then went to that Ameer, and recited the following 7 times and blew on the feet of that Ameer. Ameer was relieved of his pain, instantly.

Bismillahi wa billahi auuzu billahi wa qudratihi min sharri ma fiha

Great reward 4 a little effort

Hadhrat Abu Ayub Ansari  and Imam Bagvi(rehmatullah ta-alah) narrate hadith from Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) that when  Surah Fatihah, Ayat ul Kursi,  Shahidallah and Qu-lillah humma Maalikal Mulk were  revealed; they clung to the Throne of Allah  and said:
‘Are You going to reveal us to such people  who are full of sins?” Allah  replied:
By the oath of My Grandeur and Magnificence, whosoever recites you after every  fardh
(obligatory)  salaah, We will forgive them and We will grant them a place in  Jannat ul Firdous
(Highest rank of Paradise) and We will look at them 70 times daily with gaze of Mercy, and We will 
fulfill 70 of their needs, the least of which is forgiveness.’
 In some narrations, it is mentioned that the reader of the wazifa will be given victory over his enemies.  

  • Surah Fatiha
  • Ayatul Qursi
2 ayats of Surah Imran

  • ayat 18-19
  • ayat 24-25

Friday, 2 September 2011

Ayate sakina

To get protection against all kind of diseases, difficulties, enemies and for removal of debts, recite the above mentioned ayats and wait until the order of Allah comes. Al-hamdulillah the ayats will show its effect at its due time. ayate sakina

Remedy for ending difficulties

It is narrated that whosoever would recite these ayats, the difficulty as greater as mountain of Uhud would be driven out by Allah with the blessings of these ayats.
Hazrat Ali (R.A) said, 'whoever make these ayats his daily recital, he will be saved from every kind of ordeal and protected from the plots of enemies.

Safety from every type of harm